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The Experience

We want each and every one of our guests experience to be as safe and enjoyable as possible. Here are a few tips and a short walk-through to help make everything as smooth as possible!

  • First and most importantly, PLEASE BRING A MASK! Keeping a mask of your face helps us keep bands on stage! The only time you shouldn’t be wearing a mask is when you’re eating or drinking in your respective boxes. 
  • There will be 2 separate gates depending on which row your groups box is in. Entrance 1(Stage Right): Rows 1-3 // Entrance 2(Facing the Stage): Rows 4-7
  • At your gate, we will have infrared forehead thermometers to check your temperature and make sure you aren’t running a fever or showing any symptoms of being sick. (Temps over 100* will be refunded for your ticket but will NOT be allowed into the venue)
  • Contactless box office: An envelope will be prepared for every guest. Each envelope will include a ticket stub and program to explain CDC compliant restroom, F&B systems, site map, as well as other helpful and promotions related items. (Limited sales day of show will be allowed. Contactless POS will be required with card reader. No cash allowed unless exact change provided by guest)
  • Every path and row will have one way signage, please follow those to your assigned box(es). 
  • If you pre-ordered any food or drinks, they will be waiting for you at your box upon arrival. If you’d like to order food or drinks throughout the show, we will have contactless POS system that you can order online right from your phone by scanning any of the QR Codes placed all around the venue. 
  • Enjoy the show!! But remember to put your mask on when you leave your box.
  • After the show ends, instructions for exiting will appear on the large screen along with a message to the patrons. “Thank you all for coming to … at this time we ask that you begin preparing to exit the venue. Once you are prepared to exit your box, please maintain social distancing and continue to wear your face coverings until you’ve reached your vehicles”
  • Get home safe so we can do this all over again!