Where is The Lot?

The Lot is located at 714 Cerre Street, St. Louis, MO. Google Maps linkApple Maps link

What are the procedures for entering / exiting the venue?

Entrance: The venue is located at 714 Cerre Street. The parking lot is directly across the street from the venue on Cerre Street. You must arrive with your entire party in the same car. Pull up on Cerre St and our box office staff will come to your car. Wear your mask, and have your…

What CAN’T I bring to The Lot?

Things you cannot bring to The Lot:• A mask-less face• Outside beverages• Coolers• Easy-ups, tents, or other large structures that may block the view• Dogs (or other animals)• Weapons • Drugs

What SHOULD I bring to The Lot?

Things to remember:• Your face with a mask on it• Your ticket confirmation email• Your ID• Up to three friends/family who you consider to be in your social bubble during COVID• Lawn chairs or blankets to make you comfortable• Warm clothing• A reasonable amount of food/snacks (there is no food available at The Lot)

How do I order beverages when I’m at The Lot?

There will be QR codes in each pod. Scan your pod’s QR code to view that day’s beverage menu, let us know what you need, and we’ll bring your drink order right to your pod. Outside beverages are not allowed inside the venue. To scan a QR code, focus your phone’s camera on the code…

How do I pre-order beverages?

You can pre-order beverages here. Be sure to pick the same show you bought tickets for and include your ticket confirmation number when you check out. Outside beverages are not allowed. There is no food available at The Lot. Guests may bring a reasonable amount of food with them into the venue.

How do I pick my pod/seats?

Reference our site map here to choose a pod. All pods are the same size and all pods hold up to four people. If the pod you want isn’t showing up on the event’s ticket page, it is likely sold out. BUY TICKETS RIGHT HERE!