What’s a pod? When you purchase a pod, you will purchase tickets in a group of either 2 or 4-6. Your group will get a piece of turf that is roped off from the rest of the venue; this is your pod.

What’s General Admission? General Admission means you may roam freely in our GA Section.

Where is General Admission located? The GA section is located toward the back half of the venue, although the size of the GA section varies per show due to previous pod purchases.

Can I go back and forth between the pod section / GA section?
Pod people will be given wristbands and are welcome to move about the venue, including the General Admission section. However, please be respectful of other pod people by allowing distance to anyone else in a pod. While we’re excited to relax our rules, we want to uphold the guidelines that many of our concertgoers have come to expect and appreciate.

General Admission ticket holders cannot enter the pod section. Please be respectful so we can continue to relax our rules while allowing all guests the opportunity to enjoy live music in accordance with their own comfort levels.

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